30 Yr Reunion Survey

In an effort to begin preparing for our 30 year reunion and ensure we receive input from classmates, please answer the questions below.  This will help us plan the events based on the results from the survey.   If you have any personal ideas or recommendations on where we can have the reunion, please also share your thoughts in the free form section.

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1)   * What month would you like the reunion to be held?

2)   * For the Friday evening gathering, would you like an informal gathering

  after attending Canyon's football game
  without attending Canyon's football game
3)   * For the Saturday evening main event, would you prefer a:

  Business Casual Event
  Formal Event
  Country Hoedown Event
  Throwback '90s Event
  None of the above (Type your recommendation)
4)   * Would you like to attend a 'Meet the Family' event?

5)   Please provide any recommendations below.